Tell us about your family
I am a happily married SAHM and Homeschool Mom with a pastor-husband and two teens, CR 15 and R 13.

Where do you live?
We live in Delmar, MD on the Eastern Shore of MD. It’s a small town that’s divided between two states, MD and DE, called ” the town too big for one state”!

How did you choose your design name?
Being a pastor’s wife, I thought it would be a unique to me in the “design world”!

When (and why) did you start designing?
I started designing, roughly three years ago when I thought it would be good to know how to make my own designs, cutting the cost of buying and to create quality designs that were free.

What inspires you?
My faith in Christ and designs all around us on signs, magazines, art, etc., along with other talented designers inspires me to create!

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