Tell us about your family.
Since most of my family has passed, I have been the inheritor of the lion’s share of family heirlooms and lovingly display them in my dwelling… 
which means I am a huge fan of vintage. I am also the proud owner of two Italian Greyhounds.
Where do you live?
How did you choose your design name?
Being an editor, I am always intrigued by authors with ‘pen names’… it just seemed fitting for me.
When (and why) did you start designing?
I started designing in 2017. I have been a memory keeper for many years and enjoy the process of making my pages personal by creating my own papers/elements. Each of us is a constant unfolding narrative, a hero in a novel no one else can write… and yet so many of us leave our stories untold. I believe that our experiences, our strengths and the hope that endures are all part of our unique stories and the main reason why I design, I want to help others tell their life story.
What inspires you?
It is probably easier to list what doesn’t inspire me… complaining, gossip, procrastinating, seeking approval, when people do not keep their word and negative self-talk.
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