Where do you live?
I live in Tel Aviv -Israel with my husband Michael.
Tell us about your family
I am a proud mother of a son of 31, Guillermo (he also lives in Tel Aviv with his wife) and my daughter Camila of 28 that lives
and studies Engineer in the University of Beersheva.
My hubby also has a son (Elon) of 19th that is in the army now and 2 kids, Yaron of 10th and Coral of 7th.
On Fridays that we usually get together for our Shabbat dinner, is a crowded house full of noise and love, and I truly love it.
I come from a big family myself, I am the 2nd of 5, my brother is the oldest and I have 3 sisters, my parent’s and my brother, sisters
live in Uruguay-South America.
So my mother tongue is Spanish but I also speak English and Hebrew.
How did you choose your design name?
My designer name is an anagram from my real name: Karen Kleiman- Kakleidesigns, easy for me to remember
but sometimes people get confused and write it in many different ways.
When (and why) did you start designing?
I started designing around 2000 when I was using Incredimail and I used to write a lot of poetry and stories,
I had a website and I always needed help to design a banner or anything, so I decided to learn.
One day I saw the first digital scrapbooking kit, and it was love at first sight. That moment I knew that I wanted to do that.
What inspires you?
Everything and anything. It can be a photo, a color, a song (I get very inspired by music which I listens all the time), news,
and mostly I get inspired about what’s going on in the world, especially
with women, I care a lot about self-stem, the beauty of each and every woman, and help each one in the world to feel
better about themselves, to truly believe in yourself and fight for your rights.

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