Telle us about your family
I am married and the mother of four lovely boys, ages 6,16,23, and 27!
Wow that made me feel old lol!
I am also a full time registered nurse. My hobbies are photography, scrapbooking, and computers those are just some of the few but my main ones for sure!
And now I am hooked on designing templates I just love making them and seeing what others create with my templates!
Where do you live? 
I live in Florida where I was born and raised.
How did you choose your design name?
It has a few key things about it the puzzle pieces which are a connection, bits are the shapes I use to create the templates,
and pieces are the heart I put into making the templates (pieces of my heart)
When (and why) did you start designing?
I just started and am still learning so much but I have always loved making things and I absolutely am a Template-A-Holic
What inspires you?
Oh there are so many things that inspire me, it could be a song, a season, or a picture, pretty much anything with trigger my inspiration!

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