Where do you live?
We are 2 designers, our names are Karen and Ange, I live in Israel and Ange lives in Holland.
Tell us about your family
We are both married with 2 different and amazing men, we are proud mothers and friends.
How did you choose your design name?
It was very fast and easy, we wanted something short since we both use pretty long designer names such as kakleidesigns and Dutch Dream designs (LOL), so we just put together our names: Ange, Karen and the word Art, and it became A&K Art.
When (and why) did you start designing?
I started designing around 2000 when I was using Incredimail and I used to write a lot of poetry and stories, I had a website and I always needed help to design a banner or anything, so I decided to learn.
One day I saw the first digital scrapbooking kit, and it was love at first sight. That moment I knew that I wanted to do that.
Ange started scrapping, she still is one of the best scrappers I ever have seen, until one day Julie Mead saw something else on her and encouraged her to become a designer. What a smart lady, since Ange is just amazing.
I am very bad at making previews and good handling themes, descriptions, posting, etc.
So, Ange makes all our previews (Thank God) and I do the rest, we have an amazing creative team and we inspire each other.
What inspires you?
Our first collection was about Summer and the beach, one of Ange’s favorite’s themes, after that like I said before, we inspired each other, as women, as friends, as Art lovers.

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